1982 - Danny Ronen joins the Adler Trio
In 1980, Danny Ronen asked Dror Adler if he would be willing to teach him how to play the chromatic harmonica. Dror refused, as he was not teaching at that time. Danny insisted and was refused again... being stubborn Danny didn't give up. Seeing that there will be no way out of the stubborn young man, Dror agreed and found out an amazingly talented young player. In one year he could brilliantly play the whole repertory of the Adler Trio. When Danny Adler retired in 1982 - it was only natural that Danny Ronen will be the next lead of the Adler Trio.
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These 4 CDs were recorded with Danny Ronen on the lead harmonica. You can listen to samples and purchase them online in the Dvd & Cds section.