In 1962 The Adler Duo started performing.
Danny Adler who played the chromatic harmonica for several years, persuaded his younger brother, Dror, to accompany him on the chords harmonica.
Dror, who played the accordion at that time, found it easy to move to the chords, as it is built in the same order as the accordion's left hand chords.

The first performances were in the "theater night club"
in Haifa. The repertory: two pieces and an encore....

After a few months of performing as a duo, it was obvious that a bass player was needed and the search for him had begun.

The harmonica was a very popular instrument at the Adler family. Chaim Adler, Danny and Dror's father was playing it since childhood. When Chaim Adler went to buy a new harmonica at a music store in Haifa ( the year was 1960 ) they showed him strange and big harmonicas - Bass and chords. They told him they got the instruments due to a mistake in their order and they had no idea what to do with them. With no reasonable explanation, Chaim Adler came back home with Bass and chords harmonicas.

The rest is history...


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