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Unreleased Recordings
The Adler Trio made all of its recordings in their own home studio. It begun with a Brennel Tape recorder, later a Revox G-36 then a Revox A-77, after that a half inch 8 track Tascam, and the last machine before the computer was the digital 8 track Adat.

The recordings on this page are being publicized here for the first time ever ( Aug 2012 ) and were found on tapes in the Trio's archives.

Most of the Trio's arrangments in the first years were made by the genius musician Baruch Lederer. He knew the instruments so well and always picked the keys that were best suited to make the most of the harmonica.

All arrangments of the Trio's classical vinyl records (except for a few pieces in the 4th record) were made by Mr. Lederer, and also the first 5 pieces on this page.

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